Предавање у Новом Саду
понедељак, 20 новембар 2017 22:20

Поштовани, обавештавамо Вас да ће у оквиру Новосадског социолошког клуба у уторак 28. новембра 2017. године у 18 часова др Мајда Чернич Истенич са Департмана за агрономију, Биотехничког факултета Унивезитета у Љубљани (University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Agronomy Department) одржати предавање на тему Мишљења и искуства словеначких пољопривредника пре и након уласка Словеније у ЕУ. Позивамо Вас да присуствујете предавању у семинарској библиотеци за социологију (просторија 313) на Филозофском факултету у Новом Саду (др Зорана Ђинђића 2 Нови Сад). Предавање ће бити на српском језику.

Извод из предавања:


Agriculture with its budgetary and policy framework presents one of the largest and most prominent part of the EU functioning. Accordingly, the EU common agricultural policy encompasses a large regulation corpus that guides the everyday life of 12 million of farmers in order to secure the provision of food needs of its population. In 2004 when Slovenia entered into the EU 77.000 farm holdings joined this number. The accession process referring to the compliance with European regulations represented a considerable challenge for the restructuring of Slovenian agriculture particularly due to its socialist legacies. The rigorous changes pertaining to regulation and restructuring of working environment and livelihood conditions of the farm population are to some extend reflected in official statistics e.g. continuous decreasing in the number of farm holdings and concentration of farm land. However, so far not much research interest was devoted to this “transition” process and its effects from the (rural) sociological perspective. The lecture will try to review and mirror the results of some partial research evidences suggesting the heterogeneous experiences of farmers in Slovenia in their way to become the EU farmers.

Dr. Majda Černič Istenič, Ph.D. sociology is Associate Professor of sociology at the University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Agronomy Department and Senior Research Fellow at Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Her research work encompasses topics from the domain of sociology related to various cross cutting subjects such as sociology of family and gender studies, sociology and link to demographic topics (fertility, aging, migration) and rural sociology. In her research work she focuses on gender and intergenerational relations, social aspects of reproductive behaviour, comparisons of different aspects of family life of rural and urban populations, and different actors in the food chain (farmers, extension service, consumers, and agricultural policy makers). As a partner she participated in research projects within European Commission that were related to rural development, agriculture and gender issues.